Wednesday, 13 April 2016


A few days ago a reader supplied this item. It is a photo of the northern end of High Street, Rhyl.

Left of centre is the Royal Hotel on corner of Sussex Street; the story is that the Royal sold most of its ground to provide space for building the Plaza Cinema. The Piazza restaurant stands on that corner now.

[Incidentally I see The Piazza listed in some places as 24 High Street and others as 10 Sussex Street. Good luck, historians of the future.]

In the photo, outside the hotel there is a kiosk that looks like a booking office of some kind. Even more interesting perhaps is the half-hidden poster attached to the railings, which seems to say: Adeler … / Pie … / Olympi … / Opp … / Dail …

Piecing out its imperfections, this becomes Adeler & Sutton’s Pierrots / Olympian Gardens / Opposite the pier / Daily at ...

The poster indicates that the scene must be before 1909 when Edwin Adeler gave up; twist my arm and I’ll say circa 1906. You can read more about Adeler & Sutton’s Pierrots in Bill Ellis’ book Entertainment in Rhyl And North Wales pages 17-19.

Across the road from the hotel, in the same position as it is today is W.H. Smith. This company was the first chain store in the world - not many people know that.

FRI 5th MAY 2017 UPDATE: Recently arrived here at Jones Towers is this image of that kiosk outside the Royal Hotel. It is a coaching office, a booking office for trips on F. & J. Heathcote's horse drawn coaches.

F. & J. Heathcote's horse drawn coach trips



Rhyl Life notes with much regret that Ken Trehearn formerly of Vern’s Amusements in West Parade (pictured above) passed away on Saturday 30th March 2016. Here is a link to Ken’s obituary in Daily Post:

Picture from Rhyl History Club.