Sunday, 10 April 2016


Last Sunday I posted the above photo in which two place names have been obscured by black dots. The question: What are the place names?
The answer: Knowles Ave (on your left) and Ridgeway Ave (right).


Also I posted a group of adverts for nine businesses in same building.
The question: Where in Rhyl was the building?
The answer: Sussex Street.
The businesses were in The Market Hall, originally Sussex Street Baths, and later known as The Old Market. [Peacocks store is on that site now.]
Here is the advert with header & footer intact, showing ten businesses:
Sussex Street Baths, Rhyl

The Rhyl Football Club programme from which this item is taken is dated 11 September 1954.

Scoring 1 win for Knowles and Ridgeway and/or 1 win for Sussex Street:
Dilys Bagnall 1, Jane Shuttle 2, Sue Handley 2, The Great Gareth 2.

The following references are added here for indexing purposes:
Woodworkers Supply Stores, Bickley drapery, Williams baby infants wear, Clwyd Snack Bar, Vickerys toys games, Williams linens, Simpson pets, Shaws Stores, Meesons sweets, Newhome wallpaper paint.