Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Further to recent references to photographer Pat Williams, here from Peter Trehearn is a copy of a newspaper advert from front page of Rhyl Journal & Advertiser dated Saturday December 9th, 1939.

The adverts relates to Pat's move to No.2 Sussex Street after a fire at her Portland Studio in High Street. The fire is mentioned in my book ‘Rhyl In The Second World War':

“The war was raging a long way off, but Rhylites of a nervous disposition may have been unsettled by an event in the early hours of Wednesday 15th November. A fierce blaze broke out at Hampson & James, chemists, at 25 High Street . . . The shop went on fire in a cacophony of exploding bottles and falling glass, and there were spectacular colour effects as the chemicals went up in flames. The premises were gutted, and in the studio of Miss Pat Williams upstairs some equipment was destroyed. Mr. Habesch next door had a narrow escape.”


Re: the Sussex Street address, Nos. 2-6 are now flats.