Sunday, 1 August 2010


Metropolitan PoliceTwo news stories about North Wales Police circulated this week. One pointed to the large number of working days (close to 4,000) lost by North Wales Police in 2009-10 because of sickness, particularly stress, anxiety and depression. The other pointed to the possibility of NWP losing up to 700 officers and support staff due to cost cutting by the Conserberal government in Westminster.

It seems odd that the Conservatives, who claimed to be the party of law and order, are seeking to save money by letting criminals out of prison (or not putting them in there in the first place) and cutting police budgets. Also I hear that Home Secretary Theresa May, pictured above in London, is to scrap the system of ASBOs or Antisocial Behaviour Orders.

As a resident of Rhyl West where a few years ago small gangs of trouble-making youngsters seemed virtually out of control and vandalism rates were high, I noticed a difference for the better after ASBOs were introduced. The system is not all perfect, and in about half of cases it is not effective, but it's a lot more useful than what we had before – which was nothing.