Sunday, 1 August 2010


Co-operativeThese are from Derek Johnson of New Zealand who says: "Here is a photograph of a Co-operative Wholesale Society CWS Cefndy Road staff function around 53 years ago. On the left are my parents Daniel (Dan) and Eira Johnson. The couple next to them were named Bowles, I think; they used to live in Cefndy Road opposite the old blacksmiths, corner of Vale Road.

"Don’t know the next couple but the ones on the far right of picture were named Winder (or something like that). I think that he was the garage foreman and lived in Vale Park behind St. Anne’s Church. There used to be a CWS depot on the corner Vale Park and Victoria Road." (The depot may be a predecesor of the present derelict business park. - Ed)

Derek continues: "Before my father was a CWS milkman, he was a White Rose bus driver. The badge above was his and must be must be well over 60 years old."