Monday, 1 January 2018


The following information about night clubs has been moved here from a 2017 post that had become over-long and unwieldy:

Marina Hotel

Celebrity's was in Marina Hotel, or Hotel Marina if you prefer, in Marine Drive Rhyl. The hotel was closed following a police raid in 2012. Not long afterwards the hotel was converted to flats (Marina Apartments).

On the back of the above flyer, these Celebrity's disc jockeys are listed:
DJ Welly, Pleasuredome Farnworth / DJ Stubby, Mix Factory / Sequins, Blackpool / Banshee, Manchester / M.C. Sack, Legendary 2ForJoy Revenge / DJ Rodge The Dodge & Co, London.

Here is a 1996 flyer from the Downtown in West Parade (near Ocean Beach Fun Fair).
Click on it to read small print.

Front of flyer:
Steam 2 rave tour
Back of flyer:
Downtown Club residents:
DJ 3.D.O.M, DJ Dolphin, DJ/M.C. Eazy, M.C. Delicious, M.C. Eternal.
DJ Scorpio, DJ Producer, DJ HMS, DJ Loftgroover, DJ Brisk,
M.C. Squidgy B.
Visitors and others:
DJ Nicky B, DJ FDA, DJ Destroyer, DJ Vortex.
DJ Clarkee, DJ Mastervibe, DJ Menace, DJ Psycho 9.
DJ Jay Prescott, DJ Smarti, DJ Sass, DJ Frantic, DJ Macca, DJ Tox.
DJ Mark E.G., DJ Aggressor.
DJ Freak, DJ Jack Hammer, DJ A/Trax.

Here is another club flyer. This one is from 1992 – 
Click on it to read small print.

References on the flyer:
Clash Promotions, Rhyl Fridays, DJ Symon M, DJ Rob Tissara, PSI Division, DJ Sami B, Sunset Radio 102 FM, DJ Nipper, DJ Slipmatt, DJ Stu Allen, DJ Dave Angel, DJ Kenny Ken, DJ Mike E-Bloc.

The location is not specified exactly but the following clues are in the text "OPEN AIR CHILL OUT DANCE BALCONY OVERLOOKING THE SEA" and "Next door to the fun fair on the seafront" and therefore the finger of suspicion points to the Downtown Club again.

The telephone number has an error. That should be 01745 351 861. Was that the Downtown's number?

Colin Jones /

SUN 19th AUG 2018 UPDATE: A flyer for Saturday 27th Sep 1997 at Club Zinc, Queens Buildings, West Parade, Rhyl.
Click on it to read small print.

References on the flyer:
Music promoter North aka North Radical Technology, music promoter Helter Skelter,
music event All The Fun Of The Fairmusic event Spectrum  Night,
DJ 3.D.O.M, DJ M-Zone, DJ Sharkey, DJ Dolphin, DJ Jay Prescott,
[B2B means 2 DJs on stage together back-to-back]
DJ Mark EG, DJ Scorpio, DJ Producer,
M.C. Eazy, M.C. Squidgy B, M.C. Ribbs,
DJ Dare, Wigless Wigy as The Fat Controller,
3rd Planet Records (record shop), 4 Russell Road, Rhyl.