Monday, 29 January 2018


Unaccustomed as I am to walking Rhyl seafront in January, curiosity about new works sent me up there today.

The weather was not warm, dear readers but, as is often the case in Rhyl, the general aspect was bright and cheerful. The photos in this post were taken by Yours Truly.

On the promenade, to your left of Pavilion Theatre there are extensive works all the way along to Garden of Remembrance. These should include a Travelodge hotel amongst other things:

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The Village

Above: In Children's Village, aka The Village, the unit once operated by Noah Robinson as Cap'n Noah's indoor playground is being demolished. Nearby at the Tourist Information Centre business is as usual.

Below: Just to your left of the Skytower the forthcoming Waterpark is being constructed:

Opposite the Skytower the Premier Inn hotel/restaurant/pub is nearing completion:

The scene from Water Street:

Rhyl began as a resort with residential areas and became a residential town with a resort area. In the process it lost its sense of direction.

In 2018 though, we see evidence that Rhyl has clawed its way back on course and is gathering strength again.

THU 12th APR 2018 UPDATE: Regarding the Premier Inn project, I can tell you that the 'Cookhouse and Pub' part is open for business. The address is 21-26 West Parade. Tel: (01745) 775419.

Premier Inn, Whitbread PLC

This and the rest of the Premier Inn project are owned by Whitbread PLC who also own the Costa coffee bar in High Street.


SUN 13th MAY 2018 UPDATE: Pleased to report that the Waterpark is coming along nicely. This photograph was taken today by Yours Truly.


WED 8th AUG 2018 UPDATE: The Waterpark seems on track to be ready for summer season 2019. Pictures of the interior indicate something like the old Sun Centre with plenty of novelty slides and refreshment areas, plus lots of extra features (I should hope so for £15 million).
In some quarters the new one is referred to as SC2 which probably means Sun Centre 2, but the name SC2 is unlikely to catch on with the public. Our combined bus & railway station site has been Rhyl Interchange since 2010; have you ever heard anybody call it by that name?

For updates on the Waterpark see stories by Kelly Williams in Daily Post: