Saturday, 27 January 2018


Although television executives seem to believe we are all royalists, they can include me out. The bestowing of massive privileges on one particular family for hereditary reasons seems to me an outdated and offensive idea.

Nevertheless I have a soft spot for Alexandra of Denmark (shown below) patron of the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Rhyl. We had Alexandra Hotel and still have Alexandra Bridge i.e. the Vale Road Bridge.

She was Princess of Wales and wife of Edward, Prince of Wales, who became King Edward V11. Alexandra visited Rhyl in 1894 for laying the foundation stone of the hospital, and in 1902 to open the hospital. On the second occasion her husband was with her in his coronation year.

A later Prince of Wales was to become King Edward V111 for less than 12 months. He abdicated (gave up the throne) in order to marry his lover, a divorced American woman. I always admired this Edward for flying in the face of convention.

Here he is, in his days as Prince of Wales, opening the War Memorial Hospital, Grange Road, Rhyl (now Hafan Deg Day Centre and War Memorial Court):

Edward V111, Duke of Windsor

This was taken on the same occasion:

Edward V111, Duke of Windsor

Click on the image to see a bigger version.

[Strangely, considering how brief his rule, we have a miniature train at Marine Lake named Edward V111.]

All very well, but the only king that really interests me is The Wire King who used to bend wire into novelties at a booth on the prom in Rhyl, and of course our May Queens & Rose Queens and – who said Johnny Dallas! Go and stand in the corner!

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Mike Theaker

Film maker Mike Theaker has dug into his archives and come up with footage of Rhyl fairground in 1959. At that time we had the old fun fair at Marine Lake and a newer one at Ocean Beach.

The shots are brief, the video’s total running time is less than 3-and-a-half minutes, but the material has not been viewed publicly before. Click on the link below to see on my YouTube channel.

Thanks, Mike!

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