Monday, 1 January 2018



It is not every day you see a photo of three lifeboats together. This one shows 12-24 Rhyl, 13-06 Hoylake and 12-006 Llandudno gathered in April 2017 to mark the scattering of the ashes of long serving Rhyl lifeboat man Gerald Hughes of Frederick Street.

The late Gerald Hughes, RNLI Rhyl

Photos in this post were supplied by Gerald’s cousin, educationalist David Hughes [alias Ambrose Conway, author of 'The Reso' books] who says of the boat codes, The first 2 numbers refer to the length in metres and the second 2 to the individual boat in the class.
“Rhyl is due to receive a boat like the Hoylake boat - which is why they are going to extend our lifeboat station to fit it in.
“They will also be setting up a small museum with many of Gerald's artefacts taking pride of place."

I look forward to seeing that. Thanks, David.



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