Sunday, 11 June 2017


On Wednesday 31st May 2017 I posted three images. The question: How many of the images are Rhyl pictures?
The answer: Two.

The first IS a Rhyl picture - the maritime scene shown below has its caption restored.

steam packet

Pleasure trips came and went from the far end of the pier and occasionally collided with the edifice. The steam packets 'St. Olaf' and 'The Fawn' did considerable damage to the pier and so did the schooner 'Lady Stewart' before them.
Fire and storm damage took their toll as well. Metal was taken from the far end for repairs so the pier grew shorter and shorter.

The second IS a Rhyl picture - Claude Lane tram in 1954 on miniature track at Marine Lake.

Marine Lake

You can read more about Mr. Lane's trams in Wikipedia:

The third IS NOT a Rhyl picture - it's a Kinmel Bay card postmarked 1959, shown below with caption restored.

  • If you got the right answer Two for the right reasons, count yourself a winner.
  • If you got the right answer for the wrong reasons, count yourself lucky.