Friday, 9 June 2017


Pennaf Clwyd Alyn

"There's nothing wrong with Rhyl, it's the people who live in it!" This is an opinion that I hear regularly.

Governments come and go, councils come and go, and yet difficulties in Rhyl West continue. The ward is still being targeted by resettlement agencies as a destination for addicts, offenders, misfits and problem families from other places – mainly (but by no means entirely) from the English cities.

Advantages of new green space in Aquarium Street area have been offset by the cramming in of new flats around it – guaranteeing that the density of population remains uncomfortably high. The photo above was taken a few days ago from my kitchen window showing a scene at the back of Pennaf/Clwyd Alyn flats in Wellington Road.

Pennaf/Clwyd Alyn has a big hand in the new flats, and owns the flats for the elderly where I live and masses of other properties in Rhyl and across North Wales, and is classified by Welsh Government as a ‘social landlord’.

Recently the company borrowed £250 million from the private sector. £160 million is to be used for repaying bank loans and other existing commitments. The remainder is for future developments.
See story in Daily Post:

THU 13th JUL 2017 UPDATE: When the photo above was posted, the yard was already scheduled for clearance. A day or two later it was indeed cleared but by yesterday looked like this:

Pennaf Clwyd Alyn

WED 3rd JAN 2018 UPDATE: Despite occasional clearances the yard is still an eyesore and a potential health hazard.

Towards the end of 2017, Pennaf/Clwyd Alyn announced that it had sacked its caretakers. This seemed an odd decision by a company that was letting upstairs flats to elderly people who might well need a hand with something or other from time to time.
A money-saving measure no doubt.
Meanwhile came news that Graham Worthington, Chief Executive of the Pennaf Housing Group was retiring. The job vacancy was advertised at a basic salary of £100,000 a year.

Rhyl, North Wales
Graham Worthington, Pennaf Housing Group