Tuesday, 17 January 2017


A little teaser to keep you amused. Below is a 1960s/early '70s postcard of donkeys, riders and hangers-on. Love the little white handbag.

In the background, on the inside of the sea wall, is a large notice beginning PERSONS LEAVING BOTTLES . . .
The question: What does the complete notice say?
You have to be word perfect, mind!

No need to send me an email - just check your answer against mine to be published in this blog on Wednesday 25th January 2017 around 12 noon.



These photos from The Journal take us back to 1989 and the fledgling Rhyl Adventure Playground in Marsh Road at the time.

In the lower picture, with the children is play worker Tony Chilton. Handing over a donation is Clwyd County Councillor Ray Formstone, next to him is Denise Roebuck (a council officer), and on the receiving end is Dawn Simcock of Rhyl Community Agency.

Dawn, a jolly nice woman whom I remember well, has been living for quite a few years in the United States and raising a family there. Dawn if you are reading this, your ex-colleague James Harrison would like to get in touch. You could reach James via Yours Truly:

Colin Jones / email: rhyl.colin.jones@live.co.uk


The following post titled SHE'S GOT A HOPE was published originally on TUESDAY, 17 JANUARY 2017 and then disappeared MARCH 2017, so this is a restoration:


Earlier today Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a speech on the UK’s proposed withdrawal from the European Union. The speech glossed over the fact that more than 48 per cent of voters in the EU referendum had actually voted to Remain.

Around here many who voted Leave did so out of ignorance and spite. To take an extreme example, I spoke to a chap in Wellington Market, Rhyl, who said he had voted Leave because he didn’t like the ‘bedroom tax’.

Mrs. May and her advisers have somehow interpreted the referendum result as yearning by voters for a more global and internationalist Britain. Dear me, the racist and xenophobic comments by Leavites indicated exactly the opposite.

Mrs. May’s government wants have its cake and eat it, for instance by leaving the EU single market while continuing to trade with it on a tariff-free basis. I don’t know why other EU member states should agree to that.

Losing access to the single market would hit Wales especially hard. As Plaid Cymru pointed out in a recent bulletin: We have the highest proportion of exports going to the EU of any UK nation.

Jill Evans MEP and Plaid Cymru's other representatives are battling to defend our interests.