Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Here are eight Rhyl questions - not too difficult I hope - to help put your brain back in working order after the Christmas break.

1. In this photo of the trough/fountain on the promenade, what is hidden behind the red dots?

2. In this 1950 photo of Rhyl councillors and staff, what is the occasion?

3. This recent shot shows part of a block of flats. What is the English name of the building?

4. In this image of a religious gathering, what was the nearest theatre?

5. Here is a flyer for Celebrity's night club. In what hotel was Celebrity's?

6. Below: pomp and ceremony draws a crowd. Where were they standing?

7. This building's name is hidden by a cluster of black dots. What is it?

8. The following roofs (rooves if you like) are where?

Those are the questions. No need to send me an email - just check your answers against mine to be published in this blog on Sunday 15th January 2017 around 12 noon.


It was a quiet enough Christmas and New Year here at Jones Towers. No doubt there was traditional rowdyism, drunkenness and brawling elsewhere in Rhyl.
Daily Post has published North Wales Police statistics regarding alcohol-fuelled violence outside licensed premises during a three-year period up to March last year.
These included Rhyl venues: Ellis' Vaults, Water Street (37 violent incidents); The Barrel, Water Street (22); The Bodfor, Bodfor Street (17).
Surely these places should not be allowed to renew their licences and carry on in business unless they make serious efforts to attract a more civilised clientele.
Read complete story in Daily Post: