Tuesday, 1 December 2015


operating theatre

The Royal Alexandra Hospital, Marine Drive, Rhyl has cropped up a few times in this blog. You would find the previous references and pictures under the label HOSPITALS on your left at the top of this page.

The image above showing an operating theatre is dated circa 1908 (more likely before that date than after). Note the small size of the operating table - at that time The Alex was a children's hospital.

On the mantelpiece the bottle nearest to the camera is labelled Carbolic 1 in 20, and the one in the middle is Boracic. These were antiseptics.

At that time electric lighting would have been unlikely. The fireplace seems to be tiled over, and there is no visible form of heating. The nurse is well wrapped up!

[Generally, it was believed that cool temperatures were more beneficial.]

Above: the building is shown without its east wing which was added in 1908. The presence of the town crest bottom right leads me to believe this may be the first ever postcard of The Alex, commemorating the official opening in 1902.

Below is the Lady Superintendent's Room - an undated photo:

Lady Superintendent's Room