Thursday, 3 December 2015


Copyright in the picture above belongs to Reuters News Agency.

Last night, at the same time as a big majority of the UK's Members of Parliament were saying yes to airstrikes on Syria, the Daily Post’s online opinion poll of readers stood as follows:

During the 1970s I was living in London when Irish republican groups were leaving bombs in public places including the Underground. It was a very scary time and went on for years.

Those groups did not attack Wales – they knew we had no power to bring about the changes they wanted. The political wing of the republicans, Sinn Féin, is now part of government in both parts of Ireland.

In the short term, last night’s decision at Westminster may provoke IS. Hopefully they too will see that the UK power base is in England and leave us alone.

In the long term, war war must give way to jaw jaw. It always does.