Sunday, 22 February 2015


Dave Williams, who has contributed soccer material to this blog in the past, has sent this photo of a Coronation party outside Presbyterian Church, Princes Street, Rhyl.

In the front row, left to right, we have Don’t know, Ian Dickenson probably, Barbara Carrington, Don’t know, Alan Roberts, Dave Williams – the lad himself, his cousin Ian Williams and Horace Johnson.

Of the three ladies at the very top, the one on the far right is Dave’s mother Lillian. The one on the far left is thought to be Mrs. Morris the mother of former Rhyl Town Clerk Oscar Morris.

Somewhere in the middle – hard to describe exactly where – are Dougie and Olive Hughes and Dave’s other cousins Terry and Janice Barnes; Janice married Tony Tinker.

Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

What a wonderful photo, thanks Dave!


MON 22nd MAY 2017 UPDATE: Val Johnson writes, "Just a minor point that the boy on front row far right is actually my husband Paul Johnson and not his brother Horace."

Trouble with boys is that they pull faces. Thank you, Val.
More identifications welcome.
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