Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Mrs. Margaret McCarroll of Rhyl South West ward died this year, on January 4th. Margaret was a friendly Irish lady to whom her family, her Catholic faith, her membership of The Labour Party and membership of the town and county councils, were all important.

Margaret’s legacy in Rhyl is the existence of the credit union which she worked hard with others to establish and promote. Originally called Clwyd Coast Credit Union, it is now part of North Wales Credit Union and continues to offer affordable loans – a better option than loan sharks!

She was one of the few councillors that could be seen shopping often in Rhyl town centre. She nagged I mean persuaded me to become a member of the credit union, and I bought my first ever computer with a loan from there. So you see, if it hadn’t been for Margaret there might never have been a Rhyl Life blog at all!

If you are on a low income go and discover what the credit union is all about; you won’t regret it. The office is at 17-19 Bodfor Street, Rhyl, and the telephone number is (01745) 361274.

WED 14th DEC 2016 UPDATE: Since the above post was written the credit union has undergone a change of name to Cambrian Savings and Loans. In addition to the Rhyl branch are offices in Denbigh, Wrexham, Llandudno and elsewhere: