Saturday, 24 February 2018


Artwork by The FastStone Kid - Rhyl's clock tower in original position

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The UK Government continues to hatch its plan to rob us of our European citizenship. Meanwhile, there is a new organisation named Is It Worth It?  They are running a campaign in favour of remaining in European Union and they have a touring battle bus.

Is it worth it?

Link to the organisation:

ALSO there is a new political party named RENEW whose policies include staying in the EU, and I am getting involved.
Link to the party:
See them on YouTube:

WED 8th AUG 2018 UPDATE: The RENEW political party now has a membership scheme and is busy this-month-and-next visiting nine big cities including Liverpool and Cardiff. Some visits are timed to coincide with rallies by the People’s Vote Campaign which wants a referendum on the final Brexit deal. A 2018 poll by The Guardian/ICM indicated that 58 per cent of voters in that poll were in favour of having a second referendum.