Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Gift shops, markets, internet sites, antique shops and junk shops are good places to find Rhyl things to collect or give away as presents.

How about badges for the anorak? Here we have a Rhyl Scooter Club Rally, Rhyl & District Angling Association, Rhyl Football Club aka 'The Lilywhites', Rhyl F.C. Supporters' Association (RSA) and couple of rarities: one from Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru the Welsh National Eisteddfod in Rhyl 1953, and an old badge showing Rhyl Pavilion:



This Rhyl crested Norwegian-style beer bowl with a horse's head at each end seems a perfect present for people that don't know whether they are coming or going:

No? Well, how about a Rhylephant?

And for that really special someone - nudge nudge - what could be more agreeable than an old slot machine manufactured by Parker's Automatic Supplies of Rhyl? 

Click on the machine to see in the background a drawing incorporating elements of Marine Lake and Ocean Beach Fun Fairs with name checks for Billy Williams, Arthur (who's he?) and the Webbers.

That dates it as 1950s/60s even though the art deco style suggests that the cabinet may have been made a couple of decades earlier. Arcade and fun fair items are subject to recycling from time to time.

SAT 14th JUL 2018 UPDATE: On auction this month was a 1950s/'60s Manhattan one arm bandit fruit machine made by or distributed by Vale Amusement Supplies of Rhyl. 

Even though not in working order, the machine was still expected to fetch around £300. Its value must be as a 'decorator's piece'.

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