Friday, 21 April 2017



We are used to US President Donald Trump saying the opposite of what he used to say, now his hand-holding friend UK Prime Minister Theresa May has followed suit.

Mrs. May insisted that there would be no General Election until 2020 and then announced there would be a General Election only five weeks after local council elections 2017.

She hopes to see her Conservative Party returned with more MPs so that she and her Brextremist colleagues could force through Parliament some iffy parts of her Brexit strategy.

Mrs. May says that “the British people” voted to leave the European Union. This is not true. More than 48 per cent of us voted to remain in the EU. We believe that leaving would be a silly and unnecessary upheaval.

Come on Plaid Cymru, Scottish Nationalists, Greens, Lib Dems & Labour. Get a grip on the General Election campaign, take enough seats to stop this Brexit bandwagon in its tracks, and then concentrate on the three Hs: housing, health and heducation.

THU 27th APR 2017 UPDATE: Latest poll by The Times newspaper and YouGov reports the tide has officially turned against Brexit. For the first time since the referendum, a majority of people are saying Britain was wrong to vote to leave the EU. [Regrexit!]

  • Thank you the reader who wrote to tell me that a group is being formed already to campaign for a return to EU if the Government takes us out.