Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Picture from The Guardian newspaper

Prior to the 2016 General Election, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron announced that there would be an IN-OUT public referendum on UK’s membership of the European Union (EU). 

He did so to dissuade Tory voters from deserting his party in favour of the nutty United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

Given that the referendum was called for party political reasons, and the advantages of EU membership were self-evident, Mr. Cameron did not expect a majority of the electorate to vote Leave. The Government had no plan in place for such an eventuality.

[Mr. Cameron has since dropped out of politics altogether, thereby avoiding awkward questions.]

Prime Ministership passed to Theresa May who, as Home Secretary, had bent over backwards to deport a man to Jordan. The man was acquitted in Jordan because of lack of evidence. Mrs. May had never stopped to consider the strength of the case against him.

The headstrong Mrs. May decided to push ahead with the UK’s withdrawal from the EU even though the referendum was not binding on Government; it was only an opinion poll.

Since then Mrs. May has had to be reminded by the courts that we have a democratic system of Government that requires her to seek Parliamentary approval before she takes even one step towards Leaving.

Later towards the end of November, Scotland and Wales won the right to have a say in the current court case which is about the timing of that first step. I should think so, too  the UK is not all about England.

We in Wales should not give up our European citizenship without a fight. One way to fight is by joining Plaid Cymru. The party takes a pro-EU stance and aims in the long term for Welsh independence within Europe:

Another way to fight is by donating funds to bring legal cases against Leavites who spread lies and hatred during the EU referendum campaign and to bring legal challenges against the Government when necessary.

There are a number of these funds. Seek by surfing and nosing around social media and you should find them.

Next year must see a determined push to keep us in the EU.