Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Here are some roller skating pix that have not appeared previously in this blog. The first , an amateur photo of possibly a family group, was taken at the Queen's Skating Rink on the former Queen's Palace Ballroom in West Parade:

In the background a poster refers to Rhyl Town Band (skating to a live band would have been thrilling and there was space enough for seats to accommodate listeners). The poster also refers to Pictures at 3 & 7; these were movie shows and probably the roots of the Futurist Cinema that operated in the building later.

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Below is another shot from the Queen's, an un-named roller hockey team. Neither of these Queen's photos is dated but if we were to say they were 1910-1920 period we wouldn't be far out.


The open air roller skating rink that opened in late 1940s on the prom, more or less opposite Water Street, has been featured here but not the following images

In the foreground of the first is an enclosure that looks like a place where you could do a Charlie Chaplin and run the risk only of knocking down another Charlie Chaplin:

This sepia view taken from the east side of the skating rink shows the rink's position vis-à-vis the old Pavilion - right alongside:

The white construction on your left bearing the words ROLLER SKATING pre-dated the rink. It was a curved bandstand in art deco style -  and it replaced a more elaborate Victorian job that had stood a few yards away. The changeover seems to have taken place at the end of the 1930s:


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