Thursday, 11 February 2016



First of April this year marks the 20th year of Denbighshire’s administration of Rhyl. The ancient rural county and brash young seaside resort have been uneasy partners - and there seems to me to have been a mutual lack of understanding.

This book dates from 1996, the beginning of the period. It was compiled by staff at Denbighshire Record Office (Ruthin).

The book is not arranged by place names, so Rhyl photos are sprinkled among images of the county’s other towns and villages, and there is no index. Finding a picture quickly is not easy.

Rhyl seafront is well represented. Other shots are interesting; the following one of High Street viewed from Vale Road Bridge caught my eye.

It was taken on Friday 1st July 1960 when I was aged 14. Where was I? Sitting in a stuffy classroom, watching summer rain trickling down the windows, and waiting for summer break . . .

These references are added here for indexing purposes: Alexandra Hotel pub, Worthington brewery, William Roberts shop.