Friday, 12 June 2009


This is to let you know that I have resigned from Rhyl town council. I was elected in May 2008 as a representative of Bodfor ward which is the town centre area. Having seen a council year round I decided that it wasn’t worthwhile to continue.

Most decisions affecting Rhyl seem to start as recommendations from county council staff; county councillors say yes to most of these. Town council acts as an advisory body up to a point but has no power to change anything.

Of the 22 members I was the only one who didn’t belong to a political party. I worked without payment of any kind and would have remained if politics in general were not in such a mess.

We have a town council, county council, Welsh Assembly, Westminster Parliament and European Parliament. Your average person does not understand clearly who is responsible for what.

One good thing has come out of the last 12 months: this blog. It reaches a lot of readers inside and outside Rhyl. Feedback has come from Ireland, Netherlands, USA, Thailand, New Zealand and other places.

Thank you all. I’ll keep the blog going for a while and then slide back into blissful retirement.