Friday, 19 February 2010


Rhyl youngsters with good basic education and a desire to make a reasonable living usually have to go to the cities where there are more opportunities. One such is Paula Jones (pictured above) whom I had the pleasure of meeting recently.

Paula was born in Rhyl. Her father is retired builder Glyn Jones who lives in the west end of town, and her late mother Mary was one of the Manfredi family. Paula went to Ysgol Mair, Blessed Edward Jones' and University of London.

Having done work experience with a Rhyl newspaper, and worked on a magazine at the University, she landed her first job as a junior reporter. Periods of low pay, long hours and a lot of hard work later, she works in London now as Deputy Editor of the weekly celebrity magazine 'Reveal'.

Paula says, “I come to Rhyl regularly to see family and friends. It’s still my home and I love looking at old pictures and photo quizzes on Rhyl Life. I was really struck by pictures of the old Pavilion. Older members of my family tell me it looked marvellous lit up at night.

“It would be fabulous if Rhyl could have a 21st century version of the old Pavilion as a symbol of the town and its history. It could be a multi-media, multi-purpose place used for exhibitions, concerts, even an IMAX cinema – something different to bring people here.

“At present it seems a shame that the beach is hardly visible and there’s comparatively little going on at Marine Lake. The town has its ups and downs but so many people who leave say the same thing – there's no place quite like it.”